Labyrinth @ MCCBR Event Schedule
March 3rd - The Labyrinth Exhibition opens to the public. 
1:00pm to 9:00pm

With exhibitions by:
Reed Altemus
Jennifer Anderson          
Cynthia Atkins             
Billy Bob Beamer
Megan Blafas
Tammy Boggs
Tim Campbell
Tom Cassidy
Christine Carr
Brad Chriss
Rev. Joe Cobb
Christine Drake
Ralph Eaton
Vanessa Vani Fassié
Cathy Fisher
Walt Hodges
Kurt Kindermann
Jim Leftwich
Sue Leftwich
Chalres Manuel
Simone Patterson
Soul Force
Ed Ward
Pat West 

Janean Williams
Pam Woods

March 4th at 5:30pm - 7:30pm
Labyrinth Opening Reception

March 4th at 7:30pm until Midnight
Labyrinth Revue!
Local talent and some folks from far and wide offer an eclectic mix of performances in the MCCBR's sanctuary.  

Mark Perry:  From the Roanoke based band Heevahava.
No Shame Theater:  A local theater group presenting a showcase of recent sketches and monologues.
Another Roadside Attraction:  A Roanoke based band featuring an anachronistic array of eclectic instruments.
The Be Blank Consort:  Experimental poets from around the country performing simultaneous poetry.
Music After Midnight:  Roanoke based Jazz and Classical chamber music.
Cathy Fisher & Mo Aulick:  MCCBR's own singing duo.
Ben Bennett:  Columbus OH based experimental noise-musician.
Carol Burch-Brown & Ann Kilkelly: Performance artists from Virginia Tech.
Sidney Vaught:  A singer from the MCCBR congregation.

March 5th from 3:30pm - 8:00pm
Experimental writers and performers from around the country and abroad offer simultaneous poems, live-art, noise music and avant-comedy.

John M. Bennett:  Columbus, OH based visual and experimental poet, publisher, archivist, and mail-artist.
John Also Bennett: Columbus, OH based noise/sound musician.
Keith Buchholz: St. Louis MO based Fluxus worker, publisher, and mail-artist.
Mary Campbell: State Island based curator, sculptor and member of the "
Day de Dada" Performance Art Collective.
Tom Cassidy: Minneapolis, MN based writer, poet, publisher and visual poet.
Warren Fry: Roanoke based member of Post Neo-Absurdist anti-collective.

Lydia Grey:
Staten Island, NY based performance and video artist and member of the "Day de Dada" Performance Art   Collective.
Olchar Lindsann: Roanoke based lecturer, archivist, publisher, theoretician, essayist, and member of the Post Neo-Absurdist anti-collective.
Vivian Vassar: Staten Island, NY based performance artist and founding member of the "Day de Dada" Performance Art Collective.
Paul Carter and Alexandra Zierle: Cornwall, UK based site-responsive live-artists.