Labyrinth at MCCBR statement.

In partnership with the 4th annual Marginal Arts Festival and Community High School, the Metropolitan Community Church of the Blue Ridge will host a spectacle of visual and live art, establishing its role as a local source of community-based art and creative exchange.   A group of artists from around the nation, the Roanoke area, and the Church’s own congregation will exhibit, collaborate, perform and commingle within the church’s maze-like interior.  A first for the Roanoke area!

Within a network of rooms and corridors, Labyrinth’s visitors will find solo exhibits, mixed media installations, live art, musical performances, films, libraries, collections, photo installations, abject ephemera and cross-disciplinary collaborations.  Fellowship, autonomy, and generosity are ideas integral to both the Metropolitan Community Church, marginal creative communities around the country, and the Roanoke arts community in general.  These ideas are not the subject of the Labyrinth exhibition and performance, but its lived practice.

Labyrinth will open to the public from March 3rd to April 24th.  Join us for the opening of Labyrinth on March 4th at 7:30 pm, which will include live performances, activities, and interactive installations.